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Ecotone 16
Volume 9.1,
Issue 16
Fall 2013
The Migration Issue

The Migration Issue

From the Editor

I once talked with an ecologist, Clinton Epps, who was studying how the wall being built at the U.S.–Mexico border might affect wildlife. A situation so hard for people was, not surprisingly, problematic for animals as well.

Out of Place

We live in a time when essays are often bullied into being articles, when the marketplace and the Internet, both ever-hungry for action, serve to cattle-prod the lounging essayist out of his or her natural ambling pace and into something closer to a march.

With my light hair and green eyes I could easily pass as a gentile—and anyway, your grandfather said, who would expect a girl so young?
I expected to see everyone. I expected the lot of my past to return to Colombia after so many years away, but we are never so lucky, never so unlucky.
He stopped and sniffed the air. It was sweet in a way that only he could tell, because he was a dog. Then he pissed on the Afghans’ yellow tulips, and they sneered down at him from the guard towers.
Ask the children where they were before they were in the belly, and when they answer, you will see that they have understood the story of the Big Bang and may even remember it.
He was pretty sure there was going to be a problem here, but someone who knew, somebody downtown with real power, would figure it all out later.
From a tree stand above a Georgia swamp, an amateur hog hunter considers invasive species and identity in a complicated South. 
A Virginian resuscitates the bygone era of her grandmother's Richmond boarding house, the stories lingering in its room, and the art of departure.
A New England ecologist delivers a eulogy for eastern hemlocks, the green-throated warbler's nesting ground, and the disappearing forests of her youth.
Following the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake, a Japanese-born New Yorker contemplates death and devotion, inspired by the tradition of bunraku plays.

A writer researching the deaths of Mexican immigrants in the Arizona borderlands takes a detour with an old friend, braving the toxic cheeseburgers and a highway standoff.

Two poems


Still Life with Paper Wasp Nest and Lava Flow


Adansonia digitata (Baobab)




Flower Girl


Grant Report, New Zealand

Dust Day
Dumb Luck



The Strip