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Edith Pearlman

Edith Pearlman received the 2011 PEN/Malamud award for short fiction, honoring her four collections of short stories: Vaquite, Love Among the Greats, How to Fall, and Binocular Vision, published by Lookout Books, received the 2011 National Book Critics Circle Award. It was a finalist for other prizes: the National Book Award, the Story Prize, and the Los Angeles Times Award. This is her fourth appearance in Ecotone.


  • The Ministry of Restraint

    From that moment of death averted, of survival insured, Alain and the woman had been twisted together like cars in the wreck that hadn’t happened.

  • Borrowing Life: Berry Morgan’s “The Hill”

    An introduction to Berry Morgan's "The Hill"

  • Vallies

    They craved her company. They wanted to hear the tales that Val had concocted with them when they were younger. Case Histories of Ethical Dilemmas, Val called her stories.

  • What the Ax Forgets the Tree Remembers

    The slide show—the Follies, the doctor would later name it—featured terrified twelve-year-olds in a hut. Behind the children was a shelf of handmade dolls.