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Out of Place by David Gessner

We live in a time when essays are often bullied into being articles, when the marketplace and the Internet, both ever-hungry for action, serve to cattle-prod the lounging essayist out of his or her natural ambling pace and into something closer to a march.

From the Editor by Anna Lena Phillips

I once talked with an ecologist, Clinton Epps, who was studying how the wall being built at the U.S.–Mexico border might affect wildlife. A situation so hard for people was, not surprisingly, problematic for animals as well.

Nonfiction by Clarisse Hart
A New England ecologist delivers a eulogy for eastern hemlocks, the green-throated warbler's nesting ground, and the disappearing forests of her youth.
Nonfiction by Abigail Greenbaum
From a tree stand above a Georgia swamp, an amateur hog hunter considers invasive species and identity in a complicated South. 
Fiction by Molly Antopol
With my light hair and green eyes I could easily pass as a gentile—and anyway, your grandfather said, who would expect a girl so young?